Eat well at Gypsy Canyon

Read below to learn about our meal packages and dedicated chefs. Choose the option that works best for your group and add each package to your request form.

Food & drink Plans:

Vegan/Vegetarian: Enjoy a cleansing menu of organic meals featuring locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Popular with yoga and meditation retreats, our vegan menu varies according to the day and season, but is sure to please the pickiest diners.

Fish & White Meat: For diners who want wholesome fare with a few more local options, we recommend this meal plan upgrade. Dinners will feature locally caught fish and organic chicken. Breakfasts will include fresh egg dishes and baked goods. Our chefs will keep each meal healthful, but diners can expect a wider variety of ingredients.

Gourmet: For diners who want to experience the most exquisite dining options we recommend this upgrade. Unlike other options, our gourmet menu may include specialty meats, cheeses and sauces. Our chefs will prepare rich Mexican moles, homemade italian pasta dishes, delectable pizzas and baked goods in our on-site pizza oven, and much much more.

Basic Drink Plan: Purified Water, Coffee, Milk, Fresh juice of the Day

Deluxe Drink Plan: The plan above with milk alternatives, coconut water, sparkling water and soft drinks.

Limited Bar Plan: Pacifico, Red & White Wine, Fresh lime Juice & Margarita ingredients including one liquor (tequila or mezcal).

Deluxe Bar Plan: The plan above plus fresh ingredients for two additional specialty cocktails featuring Tequila & Mezcal. Choose from three additional top shelf spirits such as sparkling wine, whiskey, vodka, gin, etc.

our CHEFS:



Dominique has dedicated her life to organic farming an restaurant ownership since 1993. She has cultivated healthful organic crops in the US & Mexico and has run restaurants and catering businesses for years including a stint at the renowned Rancho Pescadero. She currently owns La Jardinera, a vegan deli and catering service with its own organic farm-to-table garden.



Jeanna is a highly trained chef who has won awards for her unique skillset and creativity. With a Sicilian background, a love of travel and extensive training with Honors from the Culinary Institute in Napa, Jeanna can impress the most discerning of palates. Jeanna lives in Todos Santos where she brings her talents and self-cultivated garden delights to private dinners and local pop ups.



Daphne came to Baja Sur via Mexico City and Oaxaca, with stops at private chef gigs in places like Aspen and France cooking for yoga retreats, and a brief stint as the owner of a ceviche slinging, wildly popular food truck “La Chulita” in Todos Santos. Now Daphne has her own cozy little hotel in Pescadero, “El Chapil” where she offers farm to table meals in a beautiful setting for guests as well private dinners by reservation.